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Let’s all have safe sex!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex, STDs | 0 comments

We really should be focusing on having safe sex, says Clara from London escorts. It makes me wonder what the heck is going on. A lot of the people who are picking up STD’s should know better. It is hard to believe that some of them are seniors, and do not appreciate how important it is to use a condom. Okay, you may not be able to have children anymore, but even so, you can pick up sexual transmitted diseases from your partner. We really need to think about this when we meet and have sex with a new partner for the first time.

Do I practice safe sex? Of course, I go on personal dates and practice safe sex. All of the sexiest escorts in London are at this site and they know how important it is to have safe sex with their boyfriends. But, I do think that a lot of other people, think it is okay just to have unprotected sex. For some reason we don’t talk about sexually spread diseases these days, and many of them are beginning to take a serious hold in the population. If we talked about sex a bit more openly, perhaps this would not be such a big problem. That is what most London escorts think any way.

It was ages ago since the government run a safe sex. A lot of the girls at London escorts say that you are lucky if you find a safe sex poster in a GP practice these days. I don’t often go to the doctor, and to me, this really defines the problem. Unless you visit a doctor’s office these days, you may not come across the safe sex message and I think that is terrible. I know that many of the girls that I work with at London escorts actually feel the same way as I do.

So, what can we do about it? Most of the girls at London escorts feel that this is costing the NHS a small fortune. Instead of dealing with the problem after it has happened, it would be better to prevent it. Yes, seniors do need to know that they are still at risk from STD’s but youngsters need to have it explained to them as well. A couple of the girls at London escorts are moms, and they are really worried that their kids are not getting any information from schools at all. It seems to be up to the parents to talk to their kids about it.

I keep wondering if the the government should start an Internet campaign. After all, so many of us live our lives online today, and I am sure that pretty much all of us, use the the Internet every day. It would be so much better if we could target certain people, but that would be difficult. Instead I think that the government should target certain web sites and spread the message with a health campaign highlighting what is going on today. Hopefully that should wake a lot of people up!

Are you looking to date hot Chelsea escorts?

Posted by on Dec 13, 2015 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex, STDs | 0 comments

If you are coming to London this summer to date hot Chelsea escorts, you had better arrange your date early. The Better Sex Guide has heard from several different Chelsea escorts agencies like, and we understand that a lot of them are already getting rally booked up. This never used to be such a big problem in Chelsea during the summer, but more and more summer visitors are coming into to town. The vast majority of summer visitors to London do not want to be left on their own, so they arrange a late of date.

In recent years a lot of Arab gents have started to block book dates for the summer, and this has put a huge strain on the many different agencies that operate in the London area. Central London agencies have often found that they are fully booked from the middle of June onwards, and this problem now also affect Chelsea escorts agencies.

Dating in London during the summer is always a pleasure. The weather is often better and you get the opportunity to spend some time outdoors with your lovely sexy London companions. However, this year the Better Sex Guide have received a lot of emails from gents who don’t seem to be able to date their regular and dream girls in London. The Arab boys have already arranged a huge number of dates, and this has put a strain on the agencies.

I know that many Chelsea escorts agencies have started to recruit more escorts, but that does not mean that you can sit back on your hunches. It is better to be out on time, if you want to arrange dates with your favorite hot escorts. The problem seems to apply to blonde escorts, and this just means that a lot of blonde ladies have been blocked booked by Arab dates. So, if you are looking to date a hot blonde in London this summer, it might be a good idea to get booked up now.

VIP agencies tend to be very badly affected, so if you are looking to date VIP Chelsea escorts, you really need to be aware of the problem. There are quite a few VIP escorts in London, but you will also find that they tend to get booked up faster. If you are in need of VIP escorts, you should really focus on arranging your dates as soon as you can. Otherwise you may find that you end up a very lonely man this summer in London.

Last summer a lot of gents who date regular escorts were complaining about this problem, and the Better Sex Guide gave them the advice to book early. However, this summer it seems that many international business men and travelers have yet again forgotten to make arrangements for their regular dates. If you would like to date specific Chelsea ladies, you really need to be out in time. If you do visit London on a regular basis, the best advice the Better Sex Guide can give you is to book as soon as you have finished a date.

What is special about Pimlico escorts?

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex | 0 comments

As you know the Better Sex Guide have been busy talking to the owners of London escorts services. Today is the turn of Pimlico escorts services just like Juliana who owns one of the leading escorts agencies in Pimlico has stopped by for a coffee. She has been running her own agency for the last three years and has seen it go from strength to strength. As all successful business owners, she has been able to put a unique spin on all of the services of the agency, and she believes that this is crucial to its success. Every agency should have a personality she says.

Pimlico escorts services certainly do have a unique touch. Not only are all the girls who work for the agency completely stunning but they come from all over the world as well. Juliana says that this is crucial for the success of a modern day escorts agency as the dates are from all over the world. Juliana says that the girls used to date a lot of American gentlemen but now they date gents from all over the world. Juliana has focused on multi lingual talents and most of the girls that work with her speak more than one language.

Working together is the other trick that Juliana is interested in exploring. So many escorts agencies around London are lead by tough bosses. Juliana says her agency is not like that and she focuses on the personal touch. That means that she speaks to her girls and finds out what is important to them. In my business, Juliana says, everybody has something to contribute and I always talk to my girls. Many of my Pimlico escorts have some novel ideas and we try to implement as many of them as we can. It is not always easy but somehow we manage.

At the moment our most popular Pimlico escorts service is duo dating. My girls are from all over the world so with us this service has a unique touch. We are probably the only agency in London where you can duo date to hot Japanese babes or two Icelandic blondes. We try to be as versatile as possible and it is certainly paying off. Our gents keep coming back to us time and time again, and we have lists of regular dates. We pride ourselves in knowing our clients personally and this is what makes us more than special.

In the autumn Pimlico escorts services hope to be able to bring online even more services. We are actually moving offices to make room for more front desk staff. Out telephone lines are now so busy that we have outgrown our offices. For the last couple of months we have been looking for new offices and we have finally found them. Yes, it is important to keep the escorts happy but all of my front desk girls have been very loyal to me as well, and I like to look after them. Pimlico escort services are personal in more ways than one.

HIV in my family

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex, STDs | 0 comments

My friend Sue works for a London escorts agency. About twenty years ago her grandfather traveled to East Africa to go big game fishing, and during his stay he had sex with a local woman. Unfortunately, she was infected with the HIV virus and Sue’s grandfather eventually developed AIDS. It wasn’t until he was on his second bout of pneumonia that the doctors discovered that he was carrying the HIV virus. By then it was too late and Sue’s grandmother had also caught the virus. Sue, my London escorts friends, took the news really badly at first and hated a grandfather. After all, he was the one who had caused the situation.

The news devastated the family, and Sue’s grandmother is now living with HIV infection. She is 76 years old today and is doing okay but Sue’s grandfather has died. Although it totally devastated the family, it made Sue stronger and she has now become an advocate for sexual health within the London escorts community. First of all the news of the disease was terrible but at the same time Sue felt that her grandfather had betrayed her grandma. Her grandfather quickly became the black sheep of the family, and in the end, it was like he was an outsider.

Over the years London escorts have given Sue a lot of support. It is a very difficult situation to cope with, but Sue is just one many London escorts who are living with HIV infection in her family. Some of the London escorts friends from the Eastern Europe also live with HIV in their families. It is even more difficult in this part of the world as many families lack the necessary anti-viral drugs which are needed on an ongoing basis to treat the victims of HIV. Some of the girls try to send money back to help, but London is a very expensive place to live in.

London escorts agencies screen all girls very carefully and make sure that none of the girls who work for London escorts services are HOV positive. This is very important as well if the girls have come from the United States and worked in the porn industry over their. HOV has devastated many young people’s life in the US, but it is continuing to affect older people as well. Seniors are often not aware that they can still contract HIV and do not associate with unprotected sex at all.

As a matter of fact, some London escorts have told that they still have older family members that contract HIV as they do not have protected sex with new partners. It is important to use a condom for more than one reason, and even if you are over your child bearing years, you are still at a risk from HIV infection. It is not unusual for seniors to have holiday flings in exotic locations, and without knowing they are putting themselves at risk from HIV. We may be able to control HIV these days but as yet we cannot cure it.

What You Should Know About Safer Sex

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex, STDs |

Safer sex can be defined as avoiding body fluids such as the semen, blood and vaginal juices to enter the body of the other partner. This is to protect the other partner from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. There are many methods an adult can choose in order to have safe sex; they can either be artificial or natural.

When you want to have pleasurable sex then you should consider the natural methods. They are the safest and do not require any money. However, you have to be extra careful and at the same time monitor the desires of your partner. Monitoring the menstrual cycle of the woman is one of the ways. However, in having sex during the safe days of a woman you will only prevent pregnancy. Although these days vary depending on various factors, consulting a doctor to explain this practice will help a couple to understand how it works and at what time during the month it should be practiced. Again, these methods only help to prevent pregnancy, and they are not a guarantee that a woman won’t become pregnant. Using natural methods in no way prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The artificial or contraceptive methods are the best when it comes to protecting each other against STDs. The use of condom greatly reduces the risk of passing on any infection. Although it may not be 100% safe, it helps couples feel safe emotionally when having sex. You may need more effort to practice safer sex when using condoms since they may burst if not used properly.

Since sex is an act of love, everything surrounding it should show respect and trust. Practicing safer sex shows that you respect and care for your partner. This is why which ever method you choose to protect yourselves, it has to be one that makes both of you happy.

What makes most people unwilling to change sexual partners every now and then is their uncertainty of their safety. If you are someone who has multiple sex partners, using a condom or vaginal ring is the safest methods to ensure no diseases are passed around. If you’re a sexually active individual it is important to remember that some STD’s are not visible and can actually lay dormant in a person’s system for several years before making an appearance (such as herpes). Practicing safe sex is the only way to remain STD free, other than abstinence.