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Do You Believe in Aliens?

I have never told any of the girls at Abbey Wood escorts about my rather weird hobby. They would probably think that I am crazy, but I don’t think so. I think that a lot of people would say that they believe in aliens if it was okay to talk about. Well, believing in aliens, and actually believing that they visit us here on earth, are two different things. I am actually one of those people who believe that they are here.

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It all started when I was back home in Hampshire on a little mini break from Abbey Wood escorts. I was driving through this village called Whitchurch. As you come out of the village, you have to go past a field on one side and a big bit of forest on the other. It is kind of spooky and I always drive really slow in case of rabbits. It was rather late at night, and not a lot of traffic.

As I looked into the field, I noticed a dark shape. It was rather large and I did have to stop so I did not crash my car. When I got out of the car, I had a problem focusing straight away, but eventually I did manage to focus. At first I thought it was an airplane which had crashed because the air smelt hot and burning, but then I realised it was a cylindrical craft. A car came up and stopped behind me, and to my surprise, a BA pilot stepped out. He thought I had broken down.

At the time I was so dumbstruck that I had just stood and pointed, but I think that I managed to say “look at that”. He was a regular sort of guy and not the sort of guy that you may meet at Abbey Wood escorts. In his posh accent he said “Good Lord” and we both carried on starring at the shape in the field. I felt that I was a million miles away from Abbey Wood escorts and on the scene of some movie, but it was real. The tall handsome man next to me seemed to confirm that.

“Should we walk towards it” I said to man who had introduced himself as Steve. He just shook his head and said something that it was not a good idea. A very strange high pitched sound filled the air, and before we knew it, the strange took off from the field. I felt really out of it, and did not know what to do next. Since that day, when I have a break from Abbey Wood escorts, I visit Steve. We still talk about what we saw and try to make sense of it. As a result of our sighting, we have both become avid believers in UFO’s and I am pretty sure that something is going on. Andrew has blogged our experience, and the photos, showing the shape in the field, have become very popular. Were we dreaming? I don’t think so.

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Cut Out These Foods to Get a Perfect Waist

Would you like to get a nice and slim waist? In that case, you cannot eat all of the things that you want. One of the girls here at Epping escorts cut out drinking beer, and all of a sudden she ended up with the perfect waist. It was all of that sugar in beer that made her put weight on around the middle, and all she needed was a little bit of help. Cutting out beer was her solution to get the perfect waist to show off to her gents at Epping escorts.

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Beer is not the only thing you should be aware of. I know that it can be hard to keep fit when you work for an escort service such as Epping escorts. We go out on a lot of dinner dates when we are on duty, and there are so many food which can spoil your diet. You should really try to look out for things like creamy sauces and cheese sauces. Lots of restaurants that I have been to like to use them in abundance, and they really don’t do your waist line any good.

Do you eat a lot of cheese? I know that the calcium cheese is good for you, but there are some cheeses which are high in fat. They can cause you to put on a lot of fat under your skin, and you end up with rolls of fat. I know that it is hard to cut out cheese as I love it, but on the other hand, it is vital when it comes to looking after your figure. At the moment, I only eat cheese once a week to keep my perfect Epping escorts waist.

Also be a bit careful with fruit juices. It is easy to think that fruit juices are good for you, but they are packed with sugar. When you have a diet high in sugar, the weight tends to go around the waist and the stomach. Fat stored around the stomach can be very bad for you, and if you would like to have a flat stomach, you should try to avoid fruit juices. Eat fruit instead and you will find that you will soon have much better figure for working at Epping escorts.

Start your day with a mixed fruit and don’t be afraid of dried fruits. First of all, fruit is low fat, but at the same time, it is packed with energy. I have tons of things to do before I go into work at Epping escorts, so I make sure that I eat my fruit everyday. All of the fruit I eat is really fresh and I go shopping for fruit a couple of times per week. I know you can take a lot of supplements, but I think that eating the right things are so much better for you than eating a lot of food which is not going to do anything to help you look after your figure.

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