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Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in dating, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I am addicted to sexy girls

How do you cope when you are addicted to sexy girls? I cannot help being addicted to sexy girls, and I guess I am not the only guy my age to feel that way. However, it is costing me a bomb to date hot girls from Paddington escorts but like I say to my mates, I don’t seem to be able to sop myself at all. If I could stop myself, I would but to be honest, I am not sure that I ever want top give up dating sex escorts in Paddington.

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When I left home, my dad did tell me to have a good time in London. Does what you do in London stay in London? I certainly hope that it does, otherwise I think that I will end up making my mother rather upset. I love my mom and there is no way that I would like to upset her. She probably knows that I am having a rather wild time in London, but I think that she would end up being disappointed in me if she found out that I was dating Paddington escorts.

How would my dad feel if he knew that I was into dating Paddington escorts? Before he moved back to our little village in Wiltshire, he had a really good time in London. He trained to be a solicitor in London, and I am not sure what he got up to in London, but I am pretty sure that he had a good time. Since he moved back down to Wiltshire he has rather settled down, but when there is a party on, my dad is the first one up to dance. I love it and there is certainly a lot of life in him still even though he loves his golf.

What would my sister say? I am not sure what my sister would say at all. She is one of these typical country girls who loves horses, dogs and cats. Would you ever see the likes of her at Paddington escorts? No, I don’t think so. She is at the first year of studying veterinary medicine in Bristol and she just loves what she does. My sister does not even have a boyfriend, that is how committed she is to her studies and future career.

What about me? Well, I am having a good time right now, but I am not sure that I am always going to stay in London. There are times when I really miss our little Wiltshire village, and there in nothing like going back home to hang out in the pub with my dad. Should I tell him that I am addicted to the sexy girls at Paddington escorts? Well, he would probably not say too much, but I don’t want to disappoint my parents at all. I think it is better than my good times stay in London, and when I am a little bit older, I will go back to Wiltshire and start again as they say.

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