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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Condoms, Contraceptive, Safe Sex, STDs |

What You Should Know About Safer Sex

What You Should Know About Safer Sex

Safer sex can be defined as avoiding body fluids such as the semen, blood and vaginal juices to enter the body of the other partner. This is to protect the other partner from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. There are many methods an adult can choose in order to have safe sex; they can either be artificial or natural.

When you want to have pleasurable sex then you should consider the natural methods. They are the safest and do not require any money. However, you have to be extra careful and at the same time monitor the desires of your partner. Monitoring the menstrual cycle of the woman is one of the ways. However, in having sex during the safe days of a woman you will only prevent pregnancy. Although these days vary depending on various factors, consulting a doctor to explain this practice will help a couple to understand how it works and at what time during the month it should be practiced. Again, these methods only help to prevent pregnancy, and they are not a guarantee that a woman won’t become pregnant. Using natural methods in no way prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The artificial or contraceptive methods are the best when it comes to protecting each other against STDs. The use of condom greatly reduces the risk of passing on any infection. Although it may not be 100% safe, it helps couples feel safe emotionally when having sex. You may need more effort to practice safer sex when using condoms since they may burst if not used properly.

Since sex is an act of love, everything surrounding it should show respect and trust. Practicing safer sex shows that you respect and care for your partner. This is why which ever method you choose to protect yourselves, it has to be one that makes both of you happy.

What makes most people unwilling to change sexual partners every now and then is their uncertainty of their safety. If you are someone who has multiple sex partners, using a condom or vaginal ring is the safest methods to ensure no diseases are passed around. If you’re a sexually active individual it is important to remember that some STD’s are not visible and can actually lay dormant in a person’s system for several years before making an appearance (such as herpes). Practicing safe sex is the only way to remain STD free, other than abstinence.